Health Tips

Ayurvedic Anti Viral herbal Mix for Rainy season :
Mix 1 Tsp of Tulasi Powder + 1/4 sp of Coriander seeds + 1/4 Jeera seeds in 3 lts of water. Boil and filter to take as normal drinking water. This is supposed to be a very good anti viral herbal drink to prevent infections.

To increase Appetite, distaste, indigestion: :
(in all kinds of fevers and post recovery from ailments) Mix Sunti (dried ginger powder) + dried Peppe Powder + dried Pippali powder in equal quantity. Take 1/2 tsp of the above powder and mix a pinch of Ajawain powder to take with cooked steamed rice and little ghee in lunch and dinner.

Beauty Tips:

For immediate glow of face to attend parties, Functions :
Mix 1 tsp of Besan powder and 1/4 Idly ravva in milk and apply all over face and neck for 3 - 5 mts. and wipe off with luke warm water after 30 mts.

Mildly infected Pimple :
Apply Pudina + Turmeric paste over the tip of the mildly infected pimple and wipe off with luke warm water. After few applications it clears off leaving no scar.

These tips are ought to be taken under qualified Ayurvedic Physician and Cosmetologists


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