Ayur Sukha  Fitness Solutions  Fitness Program  is a possible solution to your dilama.We have an enthusiastic  group  of staff,practicum students.Exercise of ages 18 to 80+ are available to support you in begnning or maintanning an exercise  program.

Ayur Sukha  Fitness Solutions  offers a variety of exercise options ,with the goal of improving member's cardiovascular fitness,strength,power,endurance,flexibility,weight  loss and gain.Steam bath to gain better circulation and proper nourishment for the tissues.

An exercise regain that strengthens the deepest muscle layers  of the abs,back and shoulders,preventing injury and improving perfomance in a wide range of activities .Working  out with free wights,resistance bands,on your own body weight increases bone density,joint support balance and metabolism.

We Offer 

To overcome Cardiac problems Cardio vascular fitness is necessary. Activities  avaliable include walking  or jogging on the  treadmills,stationary cycling,rowing and stepping.All activities take place in a group  setting,although each person follows an individuallized program.Exercise session being with a prescribed  group warm-up,which includes light caslisthenics and stretching  led by an instructor.All activities are supervised by physical therapist and practicum students trained in exercise physiology.The staff provied individualized exercise guidelines and closely monitoe all participanta.

Weight Loss
"The groundwork of all happiness in health"
Getting enough exercise can signifiacntly  reduce your chances of developing  number of serious health problems.Knowing the important health benefits of exerice can help you stay motivated to keep moving   when you feel like giving in.

Weight Gain 
To have a musclar perfection we induce structural benefits of basic exercise pattern.Ayursukha offers you overcome  underweight    problem with weight gain program.

Muscle Tonning
To express your utmost confidence of your physical status ,muscle tonning gives you the benefits.

Personal Exercise Program(PEP)
Personal Exercise Program is a special dimension in exercise program which helps in care for your work out schedule.Personal Exercise Program motivates confidence  in your aim.The program continues under supervision of sports medicine graduates.

The equipments that are used in the fitness center are very sophesticated which we import from different countries  such as “USA, SINGAPORE, UK” , And from  last 3 years we had upgraded the equipments “2 times “  on the updation of the equipments.The fitness center is very glad to tell that it has  “1900 customers”  in one center,which sounds  that it is one of the best fitness center having in the city with higly sophesticated and having well trained and experinced instructors.

We are very glad to tell that ayursukha fitness solutions  trained the people those who are intrested in participating the compitations and send them to the  “Gym Compitation” by providing well & hard traning,Which helps the participator to compete well in the compititon.


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