Ayursukha Fitness Solutions or Fitness Program is a well formulated solution to your dilemma. We have an enthusiastic group of staff and practicum students. Exercises practiced are fit for individuals within the age group of 18 to 80+ and are available to support you in the beginning or while maintaining an exercise program.

Agrigold Ayursukha Fitness Solutions offer a variety of exercise options to choose from. The solutions are targeted towards the goal of improving a member's cardiovascular fitness, strength, power, endurance, flexibility, weight loss and gain.

Steam bath options are also available to ensure better blood circulation and proper nourishment for the tissues. Individuals can opt for an exercise regain that strengthens the deepest muscle layers of the abdomens, back and shoulders, prevents injury and improves performance in a wide range of activities. Individuals can also choose to work out with free weights, resistance bands, or one’s own body weight to increase bone density, joint support balance and metabolism rate.

                                          What We Offer

To overcome cardiac problems, cardiovascular fitness is necessary. For this purpose, the activities available at Ayursukha include walking or jogging on the treadmills, stationary cycling, rowing and stepping. All activities take place in a group setting, although each person follows an individualized programme.

Exercise session begin with a prescribed group warm-up, which includes light calisthenics and a bit of stretching led by an instructor. All activities are supervised by physical therapists and practicum students trained in exercise physiology. The staff at Agri Gold’s Ayursukha provides individualized exercise guidelines and closely monitors all participants to find out if they are adhering to the mentioned guidelines.

Weight Loss
Note that getting enough exercise can significantly reduce your chances of developing a number of serious health problems. One has to know and understand the important health virtues of exercising fair enough, so as to be able to stay motivated and keep moving towards the goal by overcoming all temptations of giving up. Full body exercising alone can help in weight loss and management, and Ayursukha staff can offer the right guidance in this case. Agrigold Group highly discourages crash dieting and surgical methods of removing fat from the body.

Weight Gain 
To have a muscular perfection we induce structural benefits of basic exercise patterns. Ayursukha enables you to overcome underweight problems with a good and handy weight gain programme. If the programme is adhered to strictly, healthy weight gain cannot be stopped.

Muscle Tonning
If you want to be confident as far as your physical status is concerned, note that muscle toning can give you exactly that. Expert professionals at Agri Gold Ayursukha provide you the right guidance; all you have to do is stick to the regime and you will achieve what you desire in a healthy way.

Personal Exercise Program(PEP)
Personal Exercise Program is a special dimension in exercising which helps take care of your workout schedule. PEP helps you achieve the confidence to attain a healthier and fitter body without losing track of the ultimate goal. This programme operates under the supervision of sports medicine graduates.

The equipment used in the fitness centre are very sophisticated and are imported from different countries, such as USA, Singapore and UK. Since the past 3 years, the equipment at Ayursukha have been upgraded two times.

The fitness centre is glad to say that it has 1900 customers in one centre; this fact might give you an idea that we are one of the best fitness centres in the city housing state-of- the-art machinery and possessing well trained and experienced instructors.

We are also happy to say that Ayursukha trains individuals and candidates participating in any competition and also prepares them for the ‘Gym Competition’ by providing rigorous training. This makes participants compete well in the competitions.


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